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Disclosure obligations

Pursuant to Euronext Growth Milan Issuers’ Regulation, anyone holding at least 5% of the share capital is a “Significant Shareholder”. ​ ​
For the purposes of calculating the shareholdings held, the following must be taken into account: i) the shareholdings owned by a shareholder (even if the voting right belongs to or is attributed to third parties); ii) equity investments in relation to which the right to vote applies or is attributed; iii) the shares held by intermediaries, trustees, subsidiaries or those for which the right to vote is vested in or attributed to said parties; and iv) the overall shares conferred in a shareholders’ agreement concerning the exercise of the right to vote within MeglioQuesto S.p.A. ​
The reaching or exceeding (increasing or decreasing) of the thresholds of 5%, 10%, 15%, 20%, 25%, 30%, 50%, 66.6% and 90% constitute a “Substantial Change”, which must be disclosed to MeglioQuesto S.p.A.
For the purposes of the foregoing, the Significant Shareholder – promptly and, in any case, within 4  trading days as of the day on which the party became aware of the transaction resulting in the obligation (regardless of the execution date) or as of the day on which the party became aware of the events involving changes in the share capital of MeglioQuesto S.p.A. – must notify MeglioQuesto S.p.A. in this regard, in order to enable the latter to disclose the Substantial Change via the SDIR (System of Dissemination of Regulated Information):

  • of their identity;
  • of the date on which MeglioQuesto S.p.A. was informed in this regard; ​​​
  • of the date on which the Substantial Change occurred; ​
  • of the nature and extent of the Significant Shareholders’ participation in the transaction.​​​

The aforementioned disclosure can be made using the form below and must be addressed to the Board of Directors of MeglioQuesto S.p.A. and sent by registered letter with return receipt or by certified email to the following email address:


Common Shares

  • Identification code: 1CALL
  • ISIN Code: IT0005450173

Warrant MeglioQuesto S.p.A. 2021-2025

  • Identification code: W1CALL
  • ISIN Code: IT0005450207

Share Capital and Shareholders structure

This table shows the share capital composition and the shareholders structure (as of 11 May 11 2023)

ShareholdersOrdinary SharesMultiple Voting SharesTotal Shares% on Ordinary Shares % on Total Shares% on Voting Rights
MQ Srl (1)(*)25.333.00010.857.00036.190.00048,25%57,09%68,42%
Felice Saladini85.44122.500107.9410,16%0,17%0,18%
Pierluigi Ghiani (*)2.536.354-2.536.3544,83%4,00%3,00%
Francesco Simula (*)2.536.354-2.536.3544,83%4,00%3,00%
Treasury Shares515.901-515.9010,98%0,81%0,00%
of which Mahrbegh Wealth AG3.486.047-3.486.0476,64%5,50%4,12%
of which Jaime Torrents Rotelli882.592-882.5921,68%1,39%1,04%
(1) Company controlled by Felice Saladini
(*) Shareholding with lock-ups

Euronext Growth Advisor e Consultants

Illimity BankEuronext Growth Advisor & Global Coordinator
Thymos Business & Consulting S.r.l.Financial Advisor
Studio Legale Associato Simmons & Simmons LLPLegal Advisor
Gianni & OrigoniCorporate Governance Advisor
BDO Italia S.p.A.Audti Company
Alessandra Paolantoni. Studio Dottore CommercialistaTax Advisor

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