Corporate Bodies

Board of Directors*

Felice Saladini


Founder and previously CEO of Essegroup, now MeglioQuesto. He has 15 years’ professional experience in multichannel commercial services, consultancy and retail marketing. In his business career, he has headed many successful mergers and acquisitions.

Alberto Dell'Acqua


*appointed by the Shareholders’ Meeting of 5/14/2024, in office until the approval of the financial statements closed on 12/31/2025

Board of Statutory Auditors*

Giuseppe Livigni


Chartered Accountant and Accounting Expert, Statutory Auditor; he is a consultant for the development and internationalisation processes of Italian companies abroad; author of several publications on management control for the Bologna Unoformat professional training company.

Giuseppe Tosto

Serving Auditor

He has been registered in the Register of Chartered Accountants and in the Register of Statutory Auditors since 2011. He was and is a member of numerous Boards of Directors and Boards of Statutory Auditors, in listed and unlisted companies, including Fidalta spa and BDO Italia spa.

Gianpaolo Magnini

Serving Auditor

Chartered accountant and auditor. He has held positions as a bankruptcy trustee, judicial commissioner and judicial liquidator. He has also held positions as chairman and/or member of the Board of Statutory Auditors of various corporations and cooperatives.

Ramona Corti

Alternate Auditor

Chartered accountant, she has served on the Board of Directors in national and international companies, both listed and unlisted. She has gained specific expertise in the start-up field and in the role of party-appointed technical consultant.

Emanuela Meroni

Alternate Auditor

Chartered accountant since 2014 and statutory auditor. She has been and is a member of numerous Boards of Statutory Auditors including Colzani SpA and Casella SpA.

*appointed by the Shareholders’ Meeting of 28/5/2021, in office until the approval of the financial statements closed at 31/12/2023″


BDO Italia S.p.A.

*assignment conferred by the Shareholders’ Meeting of 02/3/2023 valid until the approval of the financial statements closed on 31/12/2025

Last update: 30 June 2023, 14:43

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